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Dibasic Lead Phthalate

Market Leader
Waldies is a market leader for its excellent quality.
Dibasic Lead Phthalate, 2PbO-PbC6H4(COO)2 1/2H2O, is an excellent heat stabilizer, Particularly at tempearatures, besides being also effective as a light stabilizer. It confers excellent long-term protection on phthalant plasticized PVC compound which is to be subjected to ageing at elevated temperatures,due to its low reactivity with plasticizers, the polyester type. This is of particular advantage in cable sheathing . Waldies product is treated with special organic coating to ensure ready dispersion in PVC.
Typical Properties

Soft creamy powder
Specific gravity 4.4 - 0.05
Residue on 63 micron IS sieve (% max) 0.50
Moisture (% max) 0.50
Lead Oxide Equivalent (% PbO) 79 - 81
Bulk density, tapped (g/ml) 1.0 - 1.2

  • Suitable for use with all types of pigmented PVC compounds.
  • Eminently suitable for cable sheathing when the cable is required to operate at high ambient temperature.
  • Finds application as "Stabiliser-Kicker" in preparation of foamed PVC.