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PVC Resins
DSCL manufactures multiple grades of PVC resins covering a wide array of end-use markets. The PVC resins produced by Company are renowned for their quality and reliability offering the distinct benefits of a low fish-eye count and uniform particle size.

The Company has a 70,000 TPA (after the recent expansion), PVC resins facility at its integrated manufacturing complex at Kota, Rajasthan.

The Company utilises the calcium carbide route to produce PVC resins whereas all other manufacturers use the ethylene/EC/VCM route. Chlorine and calcium carbide, the two key inputs in the manufacture of PVC resins are produced by the Company at the integrated manufacturing complex itself. After catering to captive consumption, DSCL sells the calcium carbide to other companies in the chemicals and steel industry. Also, the Company further processes the waste sludge produced during the manufacture of calcium carbide to make cement. Of the PVC resins made, the Company is able to consume between 20-25% through its PVC Compounding division, selling the rest to other manufacturers and compounders.

As, DSCL produces PVC resins using the calcium carbide route, thereby is insulated from the cost-cycles routinely associated with the petrochemicals-route of producing the product that some other players in the sector are exposed to. Furthermore, the Company has access to reliable and high-quality key inputs; chlorine and calcium carbide, both manufactured at its integrated facility. The in-house manufacture of calcium carbide allows the Company to maintain a swing capability between the key input, calcium carbide and PVC resin thereby allowing it to maximise profits during adverse cycles in any of the two products.

An interesting feature of the PVC manufacture through the calcium carbide route, which employs electric arc furnaces, is its energy-intensive nature. DSCL, on is part is able to exercise control over this key input cost through captive generation and consumption of power. The ability of DSCL to consistently deliver high quality PVC resins over the years has been enabled by the multiple advantages it enjoys on account of the integrated nature of its operations and a lower cost structure made possible through captive power generation.

With the incorporation of latest technology for polymerization from M/s Chisso Corporation, the company has developed capability to develop variety of PVC Resins with extremely high and low polymerization degree ( K Value).